Nicki Minaj Addresses "Megatron" Video Isn't for Blac Chyna

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Nicki Minaj isn't in anyway sitting to weigh-in social-bully format against Blac Chyna, reality besties to Nicki. We understood Minaj has been keeping relatively low profile since her project and some couple of freestyle. Nevertheless, fans still googling the supper bass hitmaker yet they grip on one of her post MEGATRONE, sent frenzy, spark debates in between fans. Nicki Minaj twitted megatron few days after Bardi fans try pulling her leg on already iced NY fashion week fight with Nicki Minaj.

Megatron was actually Nicki's activation code online and since then there has been a lot going on, in the gut. While staying on brand with her sexually oriented scene, a video/photos with a Matching red light theme previously shared by Nicki Minaj as for the megatron BTS was also similar theme Blac Chyna shared on Monday, dropped a few images of herself on a similar looking set and captioned one photo with the word "Megatron."

It looks like there was a clash with respective photos shared by both parties and many followers wonder whether Blac Chyna is gearing to scene in Nicki Minaj Megatron Video. However, young money female gender Nicki, took measures, positively icing unbeknown intent from global fans to Blac Chyna's Megatron caption.

"Chyna isn't in the MEGATRON video," Minaj wrote on Instagram. "She was just showing love, which I greatly appreciate. Congrats on the new show mama!" The rapper sent out kissing emojis before ending her message by saying she may have Chyna as a guest on Queen Radio this Friday.

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This Post Is Been Updated: The Previous Update Was "Nicki Minaj 'Megatron' Song Releasing Date" Which Is Below

Nicki Minaj 'Megatron' Song
Minaj has been keeping a relatively low profile, following herself protocol while on her music front. Love it or loathe it, Nicki recent tweet "Megatron" bounced as cameo, a shot tapping some peer genders to stay off because she got hit that's about fall. Is all about single probably dropping next week. Her appearance wasn't only to reignite her social platform since she intentionally iced it but has also unwrap what has been in her gut. Nicki Minaj simply gearing up new song and she disclosed the releasing date after her jab tweet Megatron and Less than 24 hours later, the rapper gave her Barbz some more insight, revealing that it's a song and it will be dropping very soon.

"#Megatron + #QueenRadio 6| 21" Nicki wrote in a Thursday (June 13) Instagram post that included a pair of behind-the- scenes photos from a promotional shoot.

(This Post Is Been Updated. Nicki Minaj Return 'Megatron' Sounds Savage)

Nicki Minaj Returns 'Megatron' Sounds Savage
Nicki Minaj came back online with Megatron, a tweet savagely headbutting foes or does it ? Don't tell me shes installing melee in the awake of Cardi B's latest tweet. Nicki Minaj turned herself radio-silent on social trends about some consecutive months yet she upped tweet after her little rival caught her attention. Oh what is that aching that made the barbzs roll-model gave her super fans green light after going dumb.

Since her twitter platform connected online, some extensive misleading statements contradictions and fundamental misunderstandings are swirling with false and fake although billboard told Amahiphop that Minaj might be settling to launch into the next era of music? so that's what Megatron signify. Well we aren't cyberbully the publicity since the Chun Li rapper unmasked herself with a new caption on twitter.

The finger point about her heavy come is speculatory frenzy to her fans and just few days Cardi B's retract with her fans letting them know the NY fashion fight isn't inexplicable lost of course she claims she never regret that brawl. MEGATRON a Combat Heroes, “Emperor of Destruction” actually what the young money rapper means. Minaj previously rapped about Megatron being a nickname for herself on Future's 2018 track "Transformer." "Some call me Nicki but some call me Megatron/ I'm stoppin' bags and I don't need a red octagon," Minaj rhymed. Just stay tuned for of her post and she got any hit or project.

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