Nicki Minaj Getting Married to Her New Boyfriend Kenneth Petty ?

Nicki Minaj boyfriend
Love or Loath the relationship, the love couple are getting along since Meek Mill was bad guy to the Super bass rapper. Since this year, about some months later, Nicki Minaj has been on relatively low profile going dumb on social media yet came back with MEGATRON video. So what has been this appeal or do we still think about her ?

Her recent episode on friend was a kind of shot to most mind but she also followed up with some impression obviously sending fans into frenzy. Nick spit firmly about marriage just for the first positive time in her career. She mentioned that she's getting married with her new/current boyfriend whose name is Boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

During that minutes on Queen, she disclosed that they have acquired marriage license. Fans are desperately asking the marriage date but yet to be revealed to her millions fans.“We did receive our marriage license,” she said. Also not that they are planing to get it settled as marriage so the couple wants to make it official meanwhile they are not married yet.

Minaj and Petty boyfriend looks like they gonna stamp it as couple after up and down with Meek Mill and Samuel. She once cuddle up with Kenneth and also shared some Childhood photos of her boy. Minaj while on Megatron song, she also spice around her man, defending her relationship with Petty who was ex-convict.

"I fuck him like I miss him/He just came out of prison/Bitches be talkin shit, but they ain’t got a pot to piss in/My name is Nicki M, I’m in a sticky Benz/That means its candy apple red/I’m Barbie, this is Ken," she throw bars.

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