Meek Mill Granted new Hearing In Appellate Court For 2008 Gun and Drug Charges

Meek Mill gun and drug case dismissed

 Meek Mill getting closer to burn off his convicts. Rapper might have perceived couple of felony for some consecutive years yet his outstanding case stem along with his music career. Meek was granted out of jail over mountain probation, although it wasn’t funny that the Philly rapper’s 2008 charges is anything to go by in this 2019, sure things has revolves and the outcome isn’t an inexplicable lost since we have heard from his attorney who encourages fans.

Meek Mill has been granted a new hearing at an appellate court in Philadelphia on July 16, as Amahiphop official received the report from CNN. The hint is that the 2008 charges are flipping from left to right meaning the rapper might get this charges buried forever.

ABC has unwrapped to us but Meek as well attorney told  about the natural of the Dreamchaser rapper’s convicts. He was positively making his advocate even hitted that the case will be handled ones and for all.”We’re looking forward to the oral argument before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and to, hopefully, having Meek’s conviction vacated,” Meek’s Lawyer Jordan Siev told CNN in a statement on Tuesday. “In light of the District Attorney’s recent filing, where he supports the granting of a new trial to Meek and the recusal of Judge Brinkley, we hope to have this injustice rectified once and for all.”

Judge Genece Brinkley a woman who has been verbally the hammer against will once turn down this trial for and the rapper was unable to embark on this particular granted trial. Genece Brinkley is obviously against Meek Mill trial of course both had some run-in during the time Meek and Nicki were dating. Meek 2008 probation was leaped out during 2017 yet he got 2-4 years sentence.

His attorneys have argued there were credibility issues with a police officer who testified in that case. The officer, Reginald Graham, was on a “secret list” kept by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office that named police officers with poor or untrustworthy reputations, according to CNN.

Meek Mill 2017 probably was a long tail issue, catching more attention from peers in Hip-Hop. Jay Z, Rick Ross, Drake and more spoked for Meek with #FreeMeek. Meek attorney has been fight for this rapper and as recent, they finally drag Cosmopolitan hotel apology over humiliating the Philly rapper. We are still look out to get more information about this trial all you need to note the date above.

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