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Machine Gun Kelly Draw New Tattoo Reveals "Hotel Diablo" Date

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But wait, just a minute. MGK is garnering attention off from Eminem fans or do he really win some soul since his clash with Eminem ? Both parties ducked it out last year with Rap Devil and Killshot, a diss track shooting extensive brutal diss lyrics although we are still awake to bring our earshot to any project just like MGK is springing Hotel Diablo after his Bling. MGK sits no prestigious accolades with Eminem, hes striving to escalate his last project sales meanwhile Hotel Diablo is comeback of his blinge.

MGK is rooting to drop new project this year and he has released song featuring the Diablo album with guest appearance Travis like Barker , Yungblud, and more. His new album releasing was casted into the web few hours via a brand new tattoo with clip showing the artist's head. If you are a real fan then i think is not late for to note the prepping of MGK HD album at his new Instagram post is a reminder.

There's so many ways to show a new falling project but Rap Devil rapper took a surprise using a script crafted his name on it then embedded it at the back of his head of course you see that Hotel Diablo on his skull. You might wonder what MGK skull tattoo ready, nothing but letting us know about his forthcoming body of work telling us that July 5 is the big day.

Since this year Both Eminem and MGK has took their rap battle on stage using their respective diss track. Previously, GK performed his Eminem diss track in rappers hometown. He was actually welcomed as he also praise fans over there. While Eminem and Royce Rumored to embark on Bad Meets Evil 2, i think Em is still letting us know about the development.

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