Logic Shared ‘Homicide’ Feat. Eminem Video - Watch

Logic is getting everything ready since he declared his New Label ‘BobbyBoy Records’ along with Def. As for the Homicide song, it was dropped during 2019 May many thought the song will embrace early video but never went that way. Today the official video is out and both parties did well in the video from deference perspective rap line.

Confessions of A Dangerous Mind , an album commonly getting awareness and a lot has been happening behind the project. He once shared the latest album yet he move on to promote the album with some videos at least here comes the Homicide Video feat. Slim Shady. Watch the video below

Joyner Lucas who educate use with his Broke and Stupid song also appears along with Logic on ISIS video which is also trending online. So all the visual has been happening this year and Eminem is one of the quality profile to scene on Logic's video.

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