Lil Pump Claims He’s Quitting Drugs — Second Time

Lil Pump Claims He's Quitting Drugs — Second Time

18yrs Lil Pump spring up again with new announcement. Oh no, you really
don’t know his plight since all this while but just hold-on, the Harvard
dropout is keeping it positive, wants no more drug inflection or plea under influence of lean. Who is quitting lean, Lil Pump ? such idea is aching
but we firmly hope that isn’t a scam.

Pump frenzy his million
fans on Instagram, filed legal decision against drug addicted. XXLMAG noted that Pump is kicking the cup, the addictive liquid concoction that
consists of mixing a prescription cough syrup with a soft drink.
Amahiphop has been keeping tabs and we recall the 18-year-old chart
topping rapper vehemently spit about getting ride off on drug yet he came
back yelling he don’t sip any more.

“Yo guys, I’m making an announcement. I don’t sip no more lean at all. I don’t do no more
drugs, fuck all that,” he says in the clip. You can also hear someone in
the background yell, “Good job, Pumpee!.” The new development was
shelved in on Saturday (June 15) on his Instagram. Sometimes drug is a
span which majority of the artists can’t live without and Lil Pump keep
trailing even on January, Pump and Smokepurpp swore off Xanax and were determined to drop the habit — despite having a Xanax-shaped cake to celebrate reaching 1 million Instagram followers in June 2017. But only time will tell.

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