Koffee On Dancehall Album R9 She’s Writing Song For Rihanna

Koffee On Dancehall Album R9 She's Writing Song For Rihanna

Koffee a youthful dancehall who is on the verge to turn her self into high profile personnel in music culture, though it needs more work. The 19yrs old Koffee keep it relentless, embarking on green light, fetching good accolades while striving to stabilize her career around glob and it’s happening. Amahiphop, though wasn’t able to grip on that post following her Apple record but actually Koffee is nothing but a singer who definitely knows how to tug it out when it comes to dancehall and Rihanna with her visionary already scanned her as for of the best guest probably for her R9.

Rihanna’s R9 Album still an anticipating. Since her last project ANTI is what we can easily login to some streaming services to listen to ? Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer knows how to send fans into frenzy, when literally know it means to keep them posting Specially as they wait for her On her Off R9.

She told us about her album dropping sometime this year but there’s more behind the project. California rapper Haiti Babii, looks like he got new update about Rihanna and Koffee. He revealed electrifying speech during his minutes interview with BET. He said Koffee is working with Rihanna as a dancehall as we backtracked Koffee is writing for her.

“She [Rihanna] FaceTimed yesterday morning when the song dropped,” Babii said. “It was night time wherever she was. She was in a club partying. She was like, ‘I like this song, yo. It’s dope, yo.’ I was like, ‘Alright, yeah. She’s messing with it.’” Haiti is absolutely sure on his vocal even disclosed that Rihanna confirmed it on a brief context.

“I asked her, ‘Ri, what’s up with Koffee? Do you know who that is?’ “the rapper said. “And I spelled the name wrong at first, but she was like ‘Koffee? Yeah, that’s one of my writers. You guys definitely have to link. I need something now.’ I was like, ‘I’m on it, Ri. I’m on it.’ ”

Rihanna is shelving her landmark upcoming album mostly welcoming traditional prestigious artists. The album might be missing two of her Ex Chris Brown and Drake. She told Amahiphop the they obsolete on that project. Immediately the album is put out it definitely made available but remember is dancehall crafted

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