Kid Cudi Accept He's Bringing On "Wild'n Cuz I'm Young (Remix)" Featuring JAY-Z

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Letting everyone catch up with his nervous on his next step. He garner attentions from fans on Twitter with his new trending post that reads “Im on a plane and can’t sleep,” he tweeted. “Help…talk to me.” While many of his fans still don't grab what exactly he's trying to say, Kid Cudi then spit it off.

Ok is all about a song but this time is a remix which will definitely drag our digital Billionaire Rapper Jay Z. During his Q-A on social media, fans were desperately asking what he mean by "I'm On A Plan and Can't Sleep." The rapper later revealed that he is working on a new single, a remix of “Wild’n Cuz I’m Young” welcoming Hov as a special guest.

Amahiphop firmly understand that both Kid Cudi and Jay Z has been working on radio-silent just for this song "Wild'n Cuz I' m Young ." Kudi has then tug it since fans recognize the song as one of the most played track or favorite from Kid Cudi. Someone on Twitter previously said to him that Wildn is one of the favorite from fans and he replied saying, “Ok so get this, Jay z recorded a verse for a remix i never put out. unreal. Gonna try to release that someday. Its fucking epic.”

This song never comes in as remix and it linked on Kudi Cudi past project 2010’s Man On The Moon, Vol. II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. Almost weighing a decade yet Jay are Cudi are to rebrand it probably sometime this summer. We also remember that he promise to continue with his career after suffering from illness. He talked about that though he mentioned 2020 some the question is are we anticipating this remix with Jay next year ?

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