Kevin Gates Announces New Album “I’m Him” & "Push It" Video

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Kevin Gate is setting up his new project which will commence this year ? not sure but the rapper has set new target for a new project and he has announced I'M Him album as another pro. yet there's no official date. Another astonish moment he gave was his new video which he debut just to keep his fans going. The Baton Rouge-bred rapper proceed with a new scene, a visual called Push It which most of us might be familiar with. One of his last release was "Big Gangsta" and more accolades was stretched out from his fans. With no desperation  Kevin Gates new project is likely to pack more of the traditional artists in the game.

He certified platinum debut LP ISLAH as actually a juggernaut project but he still wants more power so he then hopped-in with album and also release new song video which you can watch below. If you to seek some advice probably about your relief the Kevin Push sits to help you. The song video talks about how to conquer your after figuring out default.

From what we peep on the video and also from what he said earlier during press minutes, he mentioned that the
Push It’ is about conquering yourself and further by saying, “Sometimes, your biggest obstacle is you. A warrior’s greatest gold is truth. In the Muhammed Ali way, I’m going to show you how great I am.

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Kevin Push Video took measures on his past life and the rapper tugging out his past living to refresh it with new Kevin
Gates. “The idea for the video is me fighting the Old Kevin and becoming the New Kevin. I’m making the transition from a fucked-up guy with a good heart and great character traits, into a man with a great heart and no fucked-up character traits. It’s opening the process for the world to see. It starts with ‘Push It.’” Watch below.

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