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Kash Doll & Lil Wayne Drops "Kitten" Single

After Lil revealed to us about his 5th Annual Lil’ Weezyana Fest with one of Detroit’s finest lyricist Kash Doll, they move to hit up studio with new Jam Kitten Single. This song was released unexpectedly, no but they never unwrap this hit and many were like waw nice song from Kash Doll.

From the crafted and produce hit from ISM, I think both genders gave a feedback with good lyrics though Kash kill it off with her slick rhymes then Wayne hopped in. Kash Kitten song is something you need to check Wayne's new skills may we below are some lines.

“‘Kitten’ is a fun playful song for summer,” Kash Doll said of the song in a press release. “Dogs will be dogs but they ain’t getting this kitten. Wayne is a rap God, an icon and legend. To be able to have a song with him is more than a dream come true.”
Lil Wayne is seriously get fixed with collaborations following his Tha Carter V. Both Chris Brown Idigo welcomed the rapper and his next project can't be disclosed yet or do will still believe swirling Funeral album ?

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