Joyner Lucas Shares his New Song "Broke And Stupid"

Listen to Logic Broke
Joyner Lucas is making in our Top Hip-Hop July songs to play August. He dropped new song Broke and Stupid one if his single with substantial lyrics and currently representing more unrevealed songs for his forthcoming project ADHD. Without being told, Joyner rolling it easily, dropping single and merely installing his best to electrify his fans for feature album.

Joyner Lucas prior to a collaboration with Logic which finally debut it's Video of course we aren't forgetting that ISIS. The video was casted out under force outfit and both parties foot on the gas pedal until the video is off. They were once foes but from the ISIS scene, we grip on their reconciliation since that has iced there social melee and the brutal shot from Joyner which serves as a highly controversial track "Devil's Work".

Now, Broke and Stupid hopped in as they sign peace after up and down feud. Joyner this year had some run-in with Tomi Lahren DM. both also battle over matters though he just leaked Tomi DM using his Devils' Work video.

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