JAY-Z Gets Slammed On Twitter Over Meghan Trainor NFL Inclusion

JAY-Z Gets Slammed On Twitter Over Meghan Trainor NFL Inclusion
But wait a minute, is Jay-Z riddling with series of blast owing to this same NFL deal. Now it just come to my notice, folks isn't pretty appreciating to Hov and Roc Nation full engagement with NFL sport.

So what's new appeal behind Jay's ham on Twitter ? Am gonna show you how the Billionaire rapper caught some wind for Meghan Trainor NFL Inclusion.

It all ignited after some amendment took shape. Guess you don't understand yet ? Last two days been Thursday (August 29), the NFL and Roc Nation announced the Inspire Change Apparel and Songs of The Season initiatives through their Inspire Change social justice platform.

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So, what's all this hate all about, not sure if people are backslashing Meek Mill or Rapsody but Meghan Trainor seem to be the bug irritating Twitter users since Jay-Z NFL and Roc Nation Meek Mill, Rapsody along with Meghan Trainor will perform at a free concert during the NFL Kickoff Experience presented by EA Sports Madden NFL 20 on September 5 in Chicago at Grant Park.

I can't really detail hint about Meghan Trainor getting some stack odd but you all need to see over reactions which might pull Meghan
out ? but not yet.


Opinions on the online platform ranged in tone from accusatory claims the rap billionaire had sold out his community, to general remorse and or disdain for Trainor, widely known for her host role on the TV show The Four. See below.

It was actually a really blast. You might even consider comment after some jokes and backslash followed up. Jay-Z, Meek Mill or Rapsody haven't responded although i think it worth nothing.

Jay-Z keep getting extensive attack in cause of NFL deal. Colin Kaepernick once comment on Jay-Z's NFL yet again more noticeable flow still coming on Jay-Z.

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