DJ Scheme said Kodak Black offered $50,000 to XXXTentacion Baby Gekyume

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Bodak Black and XXXTentacion has been in good terms they are quite friends in hip-hop with no social melee or beef. The transgression rapper still mourn X and can do anything under his power to show love to XXXTentacion baby boy a 5-month-old son named Gekyume.

DJ Scheme one of the tremendous DJ for Kodak Black, revealed the Florida born rapper is firmly standing to support XXXTentacion family specially his aging son. Scheme hint the latest bit from KB over Gekyume and he's leaving no unbeknown speculation to the publicity. "Hey man shout out to @KodakBlack1k for sending 50 fucking bands to Gekyume," Scheme wrote in a Tuesday evening (June 18) tweet. "That is a real fucking human being." He said.

Most minds might question how this happened without undergoing swirling or speculation and KB has been keeping relatively low profile for X since his death. While XXXTentacion music front turning obsolete owning to his death, at least most of his hit songs keep streaking on chart. We believe the fact that today is the one-year anniversary of X's tragic death, so $50,000 offered isn't false

"A lot of people said they wanted to help out but I don’t know how many actually did," Scheme says. "But what I do know is Kodak Black is an amazing person for this. Honestly, we could've just not said anything, but I felt like I had to because for someone who is going through so much already to reach out and help out my brother's son...Shit that’s a real ass human

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