DJ Khaled Allegedly Mad His 2.4/5 Rated “Father Of Asahd" Didn’t Debut No. 1

Tyler The Creator IGOR and Father Of Asahd Billboard
DJ Khaled was like oh my God what the Fu*k . Khaled normally debut a landmark album, parking traditional artists to escalate and strike down any ground album which is making rounds  on Billboard. This time things goes extremely odd since his Father Of Asahd step behind Tyler Texas Creator's IGOR. Now there's this swirling, griping on this bold mentioned album above and Khaled was reportedly on reaction, can't even believe IGOR beat Father Of Asahd off from Billboard Hot 200 as the top leading album.

We The Best Music was desperately upset over the No.2 position on Billboard. He and his entourage flew on the Epic record and threw temper tantrum in the wake of his Inexplicable lost on Bill, source told Amahiphop.

"Another 1 DJ " uploaded a video of himself on Instagram but has swiftly get it ride off. In the deleted video, it looks like DJ Khaled was critically and verbally evaluating his vitriol on IGOR mastermind. Actually that's how fans fleet over the video and it nab final verdict which suggest Khaled obviously aiming at someone. About some hours long the scene has then caught more flammable from folks.

However, the best fact on this was that We The Best man wasn't rooting against Tyler The Creator but The Blast told Amahiphop that he was furious with Billboard after they reneged on an agreement involving merch bundles, squashing his chances at reaching the No. 1 spot.

 Multiple sources close to Khaled said over 100,000 album downloads were “disqualified” due to a promotion Billboard said “was not approved.”

Prior to the album’s release, Khaled offered a bundle which included Father Of Asahd and nutritional supplements, something initially approved by Billboard. By purchasing the bundle, customers received a digital download, which was supposed to count towards album numbers.

The bundle wasn't approved. It was dis qualified and any downloads made on behalf of the album was not counted.The sources say Billboard “arbitrarily” disqualified his downloads from the bundle, which ultimately led to his No. 2 debut and gave IGOR the chance to rise to the top.

We also recalled last yet between Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott. Astroworld debuted head of Queen Album which gote the Young Money vehmently upset. She blamed same bundle on Billboard yet it has pops up again this year but clanging in between Khaled and Tyler The Creator. DJ Khaled stretched his walk into the Epic office to spit out on this situation. Billboard seem detecting flaws causing them bugs in their system and they are working on it. Though Billboard also  told us that not all DJ Khaled sales were counted meanwhile thing are being shelve in.

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