Cosmopolitan Hotel Send Apology To Meek Mill For Racist

Cosmopolitan Hotel Send Apology To Meek Mill For Racist
Finally Cosmopolitan Hotel comply with Dreamchaser rapper. Meek Mill had physical altercation, aggravated with assault from staffs. Meek Mill Attorney has then targeted a serious shutdown of the hotel after they humiliate the Philly rapper over racist. A lot has been going on in the gut following new standard development between Meek and Cosmopolitan and his lawyer grazing suit doc against Hotel & Casino.

While Attorney Joe Tacopina threatened to render an incendiary sue, the institution might have waver on their inappropriate misdemeanor against the Hip-Hop so nothing but to air up.

“We apologize to Meek Mill for how we handled the situation on Saturday, May 25, as we did not act in a respectful manner and were wrong,” the statement reads. “Meek Mill has not had any prior incident on our property.

 “The Cosmopolitan has zero tolerance for discrimination and we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment. We look forward to welcoming Meek Mill back to the resort.”

Meek Mill haven't hopped in nor accepted the apology from Cosmopolitan. Meek Mill and his legal team already shelved plans in the wake of the aftermath amied on him. Amahiphop learned that this hotel maintained a zero tolerance on discrimination as said above. So what are you saying should Meek riddle this Cosmopolitan with his plans remember Meek never made any advocate for the apology.

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