Cardi B Releases “Press” Video after Megatron – Watch

Watch Press and Megatron

OK.. we are currently watching Nicki Minaj Megatron which surfaced after the rapper made her new show up online. Her video is trending along with the audio which got released at a spot now her rival tugged new video Press which was past dropped although the video was anticipated but now all comes real.

Two female rap hit videos is on streaming of course Nicki Minaj is not getting off but we need to watch Cardi B’s Press Video since it’s a scene hopped-in after Megatron Video. Cardi Press, in her video visual attribute, it supports with some dance steps from the rapper, after fronting herself in the crowd then locate towards Judge. The Video is extremely sexy though, just like Nicki with her Mega T.

Her video looks a scene derived from her charges which got declined and you can read the full story here. The Video continues in a crowded courtroom. Cardi pleads her case while rapping about the new whip that she ordered and the new crib she bought for her daughter, Kulture. After several witnesses try to put the blame on the rapper, Bardi appears naked once again but this time all her dancers are laid out on the floor. (XXLMAG) Watch below.

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