Cardi B Beef On Nicki Minaj; Good To Be Savage ?

Cardi and Nicki Minaj Photos
Looks like she's able to reason, plan, and handle complex concepts against her rival. Cardi last year took extensive measures, clashing harder with Young Money Nicki Minaj at least NY 2018 fashion fight was a coincident appearance were Bardi and Barbz roll-model ducked with brawl. Cardi B, yet rooting to pull that crown down off from Nicki Minaj but that's a typical longstanding for her. While Nicki Minaj tight-lipped stuffs about her female peer in hip-hop as well her foe, Cardi B has move on to poke fun on twitter with her fans prior to altercation with Minaj during 2018.

While online on twitter about hours long, one of her die hard fan upped question, which hopped-in with Cardi B Nicki Minaj NY fashion fight. She was asked if she had a regret or inexplicable lost during that minutes but seem Cardi isn't feeling negative over her fight with the Chun Li rapper. “At first I was mad cause b**ch really tried my child but shiieeet I started having sooo much fun violating,” she wrote. “I forgot how it was to be a savage.” she said.­intent/­like?tweet_id=1138685­174399377409
Cardi B and Nicki Minaj social bugs has been around them. Both parties still don't run mills after reconciliation ? The press rapper has been stealing all the headlines as Nicki Minaj turn radio-slient following her Queen Album. But love it or loathe, Cardi B still has a long way to reach Nicki Minaj’s level of accolades despite her current move on the musical front. Nicki Minaj is been rumourd about being pregnancy since she pull out from Chris Brown Indigoat tour

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