Anthony Joshua Defeated By Andy Ruiz Jr Blames Drake For Lost

Anthony Joshua Defeated By Andy Ruiz Jr Blames Drake For Lost
Drake run-in with more of furious seat-warmers during the game on Saturday night (June 1). Drake was seriously called out for been the major factor for Anthony Joshua's inexplicable lost. Anthony caught heavy rounds with Andy Ruiz Jr who stretch out his skillful strategy, forward his boxing arms and successfully knocked out AJ with headbutt. Now OVO getting ham many put the blame on him after AJ was jabbed out.

Amahiphop has grip on synopsis following the hate on Drake. Everything stem from a photo that was taken back in March. Joshua, who was undefeated going into last night's bout, posed with Drizzy for a photo. He captioned the pic, "Bout to break the curse #June1st." As you can see it wasn't immense yet Anthony Joshua vehemently blame himself for working with Drake as majority fuming as well nagging on Drake of been a particular spoiler.

The current spotlight between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday night's fight was a brutal againt Joshua who was a heavy 11-1 favorite. He ended with an upped encounter as he received knocked out in the seventh round, stripping the favored boxer of his three heavyweight belts. Naturally, people are blaming the supposed Drake curse on the defeat.

Hmm, this is strange to most dudes who has been at that event or watching somewhere else because Anthony Joshua has lost his first match to Ruiz Jr 3 weeks after posting up with Drake which is a count down. "This man Drake needs to get locked up. It's a crime against sports at this point." angry fan vocal out followed multiple, "I suggest athletes should stop taking pictures with @Drake before a major event." Boxing promoter Lou Dibella even jokingly made a decree banning his fighters from contact with the 6 God. "None of my fighters can go near @Drake. Writing it into my bout agreements," he typed.


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