50 Cent Troll Young Buck’s Sexuality With Old Pic Alongside Transgender Fan

50 Cent jocks

The peers was once in tumultuous relationship but along they flip against each now is a wide range beef. Young Buck, G-Unit rapper who found it very rare took measures on fellow G-Unit rapper 50 Cent. Since this year Power titan keep rooting harder to make sure Buck career is off from G-Unit. While Buck used Ja Rule as aim, today 50 Cent had troll back .

On Friday (June 7), Fiddy posted a throwback photo of 50 posing with a transgender woman while Buck keep his distance.

At the top of the photo, 50 agreed with the meme’s caption, which read: “When you comfortable with your sexuality you move different. Peep how the one that’s trying to distant his self is the same one who got with one smh.”

 “yo this is true, I remember this day,” 50 added. “and this fool was dating a boy on the low.”

This can’t be the first, second or third time 50 Cent is trolling Young Buck. Cent last two days bounced on upcoming rapper, banning him over been rude to. As for hitting up the studio, 50 Cent is coming back to MUSIC and he hast started working with some peers in Hip-Hop.

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