50 Cent Denies Son After Barclays Center Show

50 Cent Son marquise

50 Cent and his son Marquise had some issue and the father still not standing to accept Marquise as his son which looks extremely eerie. People keep questioning the G-Unit rapper about his rejected son. On a conventionally stated, Cent grip harder that the 21yrs-Old Marquise not his blood even took verbally statement on him.

From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the Master of Ceremon, a show that brought more of the Hip-Hop powers together also experience the appearance of  Fif’s Marquise, his older son so far. The show got some retract after both Snoop Dog and 50 Cent poke fun over Yellow Lambo, a car which Dogg would have ride home since Foofy owes him. While the Barclays Center show acknowledged the presence of son during he’s dad’s performance, using “I Get Money” and “Magic Stick” hit tracks to hit up, Marquise appreciate the dope hit from his vicious father then took it his own Instagram as he was dance the songs from his father Cent.

Fans might have noticed him and his son during the show and some wonder why 50 Cent didn’t give your own son backstage passes after the show. His son was busy dancing with his friends just like crowd in the show. “Negro why you didn’t give your own son backstage passes he in the crowd like regular people smfh,” some asked the rapper but 50 answered imminently, “I got a blood test that’s not my kid fuck outta here.”

50 is serious denying his first born Marquise since both has been on run-in that’s not cutting anytime soon.

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