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50 Cent Ban Upcoming Rapper During His Date Night Over Rude

50 Cent Ban Upcoming Rapper During His Date Night Over Rude
Wildly inappropriate as unsigned rapper tug on 50 Cent. In a video obtained so far, we can see a young rapper who is struggling to get adapted with vicious 50 Cent, using verbally approach. While the rapper identified as as New Jersey artist NFL Dume try to backtrack over his inability to address himself to the G-Unit rapper, the trolling master already put him were he belong.

"You gon' hit me because I'm telling you I got talent?" Dume said to 50 Cent. 50 then gave him a cautionary tale since he lack respect, advising to back-off because he's very stupid. Actually Dume he seeking attention from Cent was wrong and the traditional 50 Cent ban him simple telling him he not gonna help me.

"Are you crazy, though?" 50 asks. "It's not gon' work. Your shit is not gon' work. You know why? Because you're stupid. The way you're approaching it is wrong! There's nothing you can play right now. There's nothing you can show me right now that's gon' help you." 50 Cent told below.

Throughout their conversation, things seem to escalate with the man begging 50 to look at his Instagram. He finally says, “What? Are you going to hit me because I’m telling you about my talent?” He adds, “You can hit me. We can fight. Go ahead.”

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