Trey Songz Talk About His Baby Revealed Name ‘Noah’

Trey Songz Talk About His Baby Revealed Name 'Noah'

He has been rooting and he has as well accomplish it. Trey sent fans into frenzy after after he let the cat out also break the radio slient. The singer 34, took to his social account, Instagram and revealed about his baby boy whose name already taken ground as Noah. Unwrapping it all, Songz obviously feel happy in abundance. Noah is my son R&B singer confirmed it. “My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace,”

Actually it wasn’t a consensus that he will be disclosing the name of his baby, but it was upped and he said he has to share it with his fans. Lately, Trey welcomed praises from angles even his ex girlfriend Lori Harvey stretch out her regards since Songz got a new comfort zone to live with his family.  “Awww that little foot happy for you T” she said after seeing the feet of the baby from a post shared by Trey Songz.

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