Teairra Mari Vow On 50 Cent and She Insists His 30K Not Earned

Teairra Mari Vow On 50 Cent and She Insists His 30K Not Earned
Both has been on down and the hint keep nagging on Mari who lost his legal battle on 50 Cent after the wake of their claimed porn case. Amahiphop with some brief context shown how Judge made advocate in favour of Cent after he defeated Mari porn case which was aimed on the G-Unite rapper.

Mari then need to pay a bounty in an estimate 30k since she weren't able to justify his instinct against 50 Cent. Well things turn out and 50 after getting a full ground against his opponent keep it relentlessly asking Mari to pay his bill as issued by judge. It will never go by after we reported this same issue with both parties were unable to squeeze their feud. 50 has over emphasised on Teairra Mari not paying her debt as owe yet Mari still get hold that she doesn't have such money.

In new development, just as Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, to Amahiphop, after her interview with them and the she openly stated “I have to pay his legal fees [which came to $30,000],” Mari explained. “I paid him 50 cents the other day,” she jokingly added. Teairra said that her legal case against 50 is still ongoing despite the judge's decision back in January. “My court date is later this month...and my attorney got me an extension,” she stated.

She was also asked if she ever tried to make peace with Cent though her reaction categorically view it never. Source told us that Mari might have Vow to stay back on her debt she ought to have killed. We're also striving to reach out Cent or get more updated following Mari misdemeanor.

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