NBA YoungBoy Miami Shooting Turn Against The Never Broke Rapper Going To Jail

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On that heel, and later things was iced after a consideration ob him and his entourage granted since his bodyguard has a shooting license. Shooting in Miami is not a new developed story of cause NBA still can prove that. But the shootout that caught the rapper, his girlfriend injured and one man who was gun down is being examine again. You ought to understand few days in the wake of that firearm, NBA was taken to custody yet had his way back. So this second drag follows what a judge has to say about a rant alleged on the rapper. Allhiphop to Amahiphop is reporting this misdemeanor, of course NBA past charges. Yes there is those probation inflected by Never Broke rapper and cops is likely to decline the current situation but has tap on his past felon.

The rapper is currently on a 10 year supervised probation for his role in a drive-by shooting in Baton Rouge in December of 2016. Back in March of 2018, NBA Youngboy, born Kentrell Gaulden, avoided a ten-year prison sentence after he allegedly attacked a woman he was dating named Jania Jackson. While the 19-year-old avoided prison for the incident in Georgia, the judge ordered the rapper to stay out of clubs and off of social media.

A menacing post on Instagram caught the attention of the judge presiding over his case and was enough to send the young rapper to the slammer.

“All around you people are dropping dead, and you don’t care,” District Judge Bonnie Jackson’s snapped. The court is analyzing the video in question. If she rules the man making threats is NBA Youngboy, he will be sent to prison to serve his full 10-year sentence. Meanwhile NBA is locked up till June 21 for his court hearing.

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