Meek Mill To Receive Public Apology From Cosmopolitan Hotel Over Racist

Meek Mill To Receive Public Apology From Cosmopolitan Hotel Over Racist
The current situation about the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is getting settled ? with born Philly Meek Mill and TMZ stretched out source to press the misdemeanor that nearly got Meek arrested if not getting off his appearance from Cosmopolitan property. Since couple of days now, Meek Mill and his attorney are wildly ready to render a widespread shutdown against Cosm... hotle for humiliating Dreamchaser rapper for Black skin.

TMZ told Amahiphop, the new development following the physical assault from Las Vegas hotel staffs (Cosmopolitan). The hotel is now scheduling significant apology to please the traditional rapper over been disrespectful and verbally torture by using racist to screen out skin. Mill fall into the victim as he attempted to visit DJ Mustard show on Saturday (May 25) when he was stopped by security. They proceeded to inform him he wasn’t allowed on the property but unable to give Meek a concrete answer as to why.

There has been many swirling, previously it was said that the hotle was occupied and it been backtrack that Meek Mill was sent to back-off since he once engaged with altercation with Cosmopolitan. Now Joe Tacopina Meek Mill attorney is fully equipped aimed to pull down Cosmopolitan hotel for perceiving racist behavior against Milly. Things might work out if only the hotel is readying on airing a hug apology as TMZ disclosed.


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