Kanye West Took Diss Shot On J.Cole Using Leaked Version Of “What Would Meek Do?

J.Cole and West song
If you aren't familiar with Kanye West and J.Cole run-in then this is the cool time to acknowledge the target Kanye plan for J.Cole. Yesterday Kanye West talked about his belief, a sat down with Letterman. He unwrapped his instinct about his rap career with Jay Z and today the same rap power rapper is letting it know to J.Cole with Pusha T’s song “What Would Meek Do?” is making the rounds online. You might wonder which song is that but don't worry Kanye used that WWMD and send incendiary to Cole rapper.

We did understood that original song also welcomed Kanye as gusts appears but Push T cut it of since J.Cole is one of the tremendous and arguable rapper of course with Kim husband. In the unreleased verse, Kanye raps, “I am the Don of Vuitton / I am the Sean of Sean John /That’s the boss, ni**a / You heard Cole on that song, he was tryna hate.”

False Prophet looks like a brutal against Kanye West. A song which debut during 2016 is now getting a clap back. Well is obvious that Ye didn't mentioned that track that dragged him into this shot aimed on J.

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