Joyner Lucas Leaked Tomi Lahren DM After “Devil’s Work” Video

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Yeahs you ought to have known exactly what has been on fire since few hours long. We get hold on Tomi snipping into Joyner's latest video and this has caused a lot of flammable around the rapper. He over shared a new message from Tomi Lahren after dropping off his controversial video
“Devil’s Work ” which is rounds online.

Lucas videos caught some nods against some few artist asking God to take controversial figures in the culture R. Kelly, Suge Knight, Tomi Lahren, and Laura Instagram. Tomi is yet to found this as a poke fun meanwhile she took aim on Lucas of course that's were the smoke start escalating from angles.  Now in the absent of what she said in prior, we still can retrieve were she verbally respond to Lucas by saying , Lahren tweeted that the
video is “Truly disgusting.” “You don’t have to like me or respect me but this is too far. This isn’t “art” it’s sick,” she

Tomi proceed to create more viral attraction by sending a direct message to Joyner Lucas asking him to sit down with her for a conversation. “Although I don’t appreciate you depicting and calling for my death in your latest music video, I would like to sit down and talk with you on or off camera. Maybe we can find some common ground,” the conservative media personality wrote. Lucas has then leaked the message online as you read above.

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