Lil Wayne & Chris Brown Drug Agent Releasing From Jail

Lil Wayne & Chris Brown Drug Agent Releasing From Jail

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne has this cryptic labeled felony in the past. On the corner, Chris Brown one of the subjected notorious convict who embraced extensive county for some misdemeanor of drug charges and this step forward to be one of the inflection feds recorded. Cuban Harry, defendant who got nabbed for drugs and firearms possession to Loyal singer and rapper. Cuban pushed behind bars after he played major source of distribution crime.

Cuban’s attorney weigh in back and came up with a new false charges against his client. He told Judge the government based their accusations against his client on “flimsy evidence” such as text messages and social media posts. Already admitted to
supplying large amounts of narcotics to Weezy and $15K worth of drugs to Chris Brown. The criminal complaint revealed Cuban Harry was using his own Instagram account to sell codeine promethazine, marijuana, and other controlled substances.

He later got arrested after police found
3,000 Xanax pills and two pounds of marijuana in his vehicles and residences and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Now on a new appeal, Cuban attorney still erut the the government’s use of social media posts and text messages as evidence against Garcia.

“They have to prove that Mr. Garcia actually posted that on his Instagram page.” he said. The Judge hearing the case then accept now stick on that point. The panel has yet to reveal when a ruling will be issued.

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