Cardi B Is Upset She Has To Go On Mother’s Day

Cardi B Bait On Mother's Day; She's Being Forced

Cardi B has been forced to shelve plans for mother’s days. The Bodak Yellow rapper is a bit bait after figuring that she’s one of the participants to overshadow in Columbia on Sunday. She gave birth to her offset daughter Kulture and since then there has been a lot going on in the gut. But this time around things has flip in favour of mother’s day and she need to work on it. It also implies that bardi is literally getting ready and any future show has been scheduled off from Sunday. Offset and Cardi B also had this coming moment, the America’s holiday will no longer be something to go by since the diva already book of course not happy that the family is missing such event soon.

Amahiphop also got a little but not lengthy, following her opinion on mother’s day.

“I’m very sad about Mother’s Day because I saw that I’m booked for Mother’s Day for a show and I had plans for Mother’s Day,” she shared.

“I just hope South Carolina turns up for me because it’s like, I’m going to spend my first Mother’s Day with them.”

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