A Woman Visit Chris Brown For Raising Curse On Her Son

A Woman Visit Chris Brown For Rasing Curse On Her Son

TMZ reported to Amahiphop prior yesterday that Breezy was visited by woman, angrily after she was told the singer wildly raise course on his pre-teen son. This was actually an allegation, source an insider disclosed further. However, the woman in question traveled straight from Texas to Chris Brown L.A home, leaving a verbally alarm. She didn’t attempt to break to Chris house but she chucked Bible into to the R&B lawn with a believe that will lift the curse off from his son.

During the inappropriate scene, police show up and took the woman and his son to custody. She was taken to a separate room for a mental evaluation while his son stays behind the bars. All the was happening in the absent of Chris Brown at home. By now the singer should have gotten update following this wrong doing from the unnamed woman meanwhile Amahiphop is currently on tune for a comment from the Indigo singer.

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