Justin Bieber Compares Chris Brown With 2pac and Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber Compare Chris Brown With 2pac and Michael Jackson
Ok after his advocate, literally aimed on Eminem for not understanding the modern rap, the singer then drag us back but this time he has leap out 2Pac and Michael Jackson. Justin Bieber seem that he got this drawback against Slim Shady, just over few days ago he made his vocal, verbally addressing the 90's rapper Eminem probably for hating modern rap Hollywood Life unwrapped to Amahiphop.

Well, we not surprise that Bieber always try to cover up new rappers in culture but he just spit out about 2pac and Michael Jackson. He thinks Chris Brown deserves much accolades and he also disclosed that breezy is a mixture of historical musical duo '2pac and Michael Jackson'. May be you should read below and let us know your emphasis.

With no despair, we strongly believe that 2pac and Michael Jackson fans will ignore this but is that true ?

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