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YG Coachella Party Ends In Gunfire After Dissing Tekashi69 During Show

dissing 69
Finally YG caught some winds from gangstas. Previously Amahiphop reported the west coast rapper tapping on Tekashi 6ix9ine and Skinnyfromthe9 for snitching. The new developing story from TMZ told Amahiphop that YG's Coachella party at a nearby equestrian center was disrupted for the sake of Tekashi 6ix9ine and Skinnyfromthe9. The smoke started after large display screen appears stage, depicting snitching 69 and Skinnyfromthe9 as YG took diss shot to them.

All we can hear the rapper rapping is “You got fear in your heart, so you cooperate / I guess that’s how b*tch n***as operate,” he raps of course this what ignite the gun shot. Skinnyfromthe9 getting called by YG was a suprise. The rapper was linked in after a post that shows he is also a snitching nigga. This is not the first time YG is taking aim on his foes which he later added Skinnyfromthe9 as one of his snitching rappers just like 69.

69 turning himself to feds has shown that he snitch so much and his mama confirmed that. Many in the culture never poke fun to those rappers who found fondness in betraying fellow blood. Boozie once took shot on rainbow hair warning his to stay in jail else he will be murder if released.

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