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YG Took Diss On Tekashi 69 And SkinnyFromThe9 On New Song From "Boachella"

YG 69 SkinnyFromThe9
Yeahs we count down how many of this niggas who are bitterly going against snitching. May be is a consensus that nobody should snitch while claiming a true Hip-Hop culture. Tekashi 69 turned extraneous after his convict got him snitching to Feds of course Snoop Dog, 50 Cent and More vocal out since the rainbow hair rapper got bit justice following his snitching to Feds. Well, YG is made his own advocate during his minutes with Boachella but he indeed hopped in indirectly against the word S.N.I.T.C.H. YG is on prep for a new project the project would have come early if only Nipsey Hussle is alive but the crip death turn down his upcoming project owning to Nipsey is a blood and he needs to pay strong tribute to him which he did during Boachella.

Snitching is a negative word to Hip-Hop and and YG don't found fondness if someone is snitching, meanwhile he call out some young rappers who has snitch and we all knew that 69 snitching is very fresh. Now we all accept the 69 is a one of the odd in Hip-Hop what about SkinnyFromThe9. Is SkinnyFromThe9 of the snitching rapper ? I didn't know SkinnyFromThe9 at all! I never heard a single bar, a single musical note or a word from his mouth. At any rate, if YG says he's a snitch, he's a snitch...or is he?

First of all, check out the performance and see exactly how he shaded these two young rap duders.

If we are hears of SkinnyFromThe9 snitching may be that should be a recent stuff that just happen. But we all know what that word mean and i have googled if the rapper has snitch and saw he had a situation with Almighty Jay right before he got his face slashed in New York. You remember that, right? And J. Prince got the chain back....300 stitches later. But somebody got SkinnyFromThe9 for $80k in jewelry and according to the reports I saw, never said anything to the cops.

This rapper in question get online plight after he he posted "Be the change you wanna see in the world" and things starts leaping out from some folks.

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