Kanye West Debuted New Song During Sunday Service ‘Water’

Easter Coachlla

Kanye West has took his Coachella to Church With Easter ‘Sunday Service’ been 21th. Just like we mentioned about Kanye joining the list of duo in collaboration to Coachella. Today Kanye opened the service along with Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor, DMX, and his best friend Chance the Rapper. They stormed the the Sunday service with spirited and spiritual songs respectively. West has penned this song called Water probably before getting over to the church service. “We are water/ Clean us like the
rain in spring/ Take the chlorine out of conversation,” that’s part of the line from Kanye West Water.

To most of the attendance was upped after Kanye sparked with the song but never revealed any date or further deeds. Check out below.

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