Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx Welcomes Baby Boy, Shares Photos

Welcome new baby
Yesterday Sean Paul and wife signals us with baby bump and just that we are hoping to see their second baby about 20weeks old. Rich The Kid is another rapper who has already welcome baby with his Tori Brixx. Kid told us that Tori was in labour and need everyone support and after announcing this he then told us on Friend his wife Tori Brixx has delivered. “I just delivered my baby boy biggest blessing I can’t believe it he’s here,” he wrote.

“I’m so happy I must be living a dream thank you for having this beautiful baby thank for making me better thank you for being by my side always your everything I can ever imagine the most beautiful women I’ve ever met inside & out,” Rich The Kid added.

Tori and Rich The Kid baby

Rich Kid and Wife are yet to reveal the name of their new Kid. Is a he but unnamed . We only got the notice that TORI is pregnant and for all this while the rapper has been on radio-silent but later told his fan about the new world from his blood. We can't disclose the official name of his baby but the rapper has received couple of questions since he welcome baby boy. He was asked what name will he name the boy although wasn't sure of this but said.

Baby mama

“No not yet, but I think am my name is Dimitri [and] I think I may name him the same thing: Dimitri II,” Rich said.

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