Missy Elliott Teases New Song From Highly Anticipated Project

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Missy Elliot just explore with new trending news. After some decade, the rap legend woman took to her Instagram to remind all and sundry following her anticipating project. Of course many of die-hard fans look forward on her next album since she pause her career during 2014. She was extremely happy to share with her million followers on Gram, with a video footage of herself dancing to Soul II Soul’s classic hit “Keep On Movin’.”

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“I just finished a long project I been working on since last year & this my mood Keep On Movin’,” she wrote. “I’m bout to show yall I’m on some next ish.” Missy, while on the on the scene she briefly talked about what she has been through for all this days long.

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“It has been a very intense no sleep 5 weeks working on this since last year,” she added. “I been sick on and off from weather change and this pollen has been kicking my a** but it will be all worth it! I’m excited.”

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