50 Cent sold Out Mansion, Hand Over The Money To Charity

 Sold house

We knew this Nigga as social embezzler when it comes to trolling. He has spark mores foes this year though he keep engaging on social brawl for hyp. Well we’re desperately in touch with him after he pulled out his mansion in Farmington, Connecticut on sell yet made it but the money was given to charity base.

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The house was sold $2.9 million at least having 50,000-square. The mansion has been on sell since 5 years now and the initial price was about $18.5. The property has 21 bedrooms & 25 bathrooms and boasts of two swimming pools, a nightclub, helicopter pad, casino and even a pond. TMZ reports that 50 is donating the entire sum to his charity, G-Unity foundation which provides grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life for low-income and under served communities.

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