Rick Ross In Cardi B Support and Said “She Is A Leader” Over Backslash

Rick Ross In Cardi B Support and Said “She Is A Leader” Over Backslash
Rick Ross wanna put a stop to all foes who targets to buried Cardi b's career. B is getting slammed over a post where she claimed the queen, boasting about drugging and robbing men. The video that sees the rapper is roughly on roasting from folks who never appreciate her doings online and backslash keep bouncing on her since then. The glamorous figure has apologize after the present of her wrong doing yet it continue to flame but Rozay finding no funny about trollers getting hold on Cardi b.

Rozay on his recent minutes showing his face via YouTube video is directly defending Cardi b. Rick has made his advocate in favour of Bodak Yellow rapper.“Leave Cardi B alone because we don’t need to persecute her for her past we need to be leaders and lead by example,” the rap mogul said. The Miami rapper acknowledged that Cardi B had a past that she might not be proud of, but that doesn’t define who she is today. He went as far as to let everyone know that her focus now is much different from the past. “As long as you change your ways, and we all know Cardi B focused on the money now. She is a leader, and that’s how I feel,” Rozay added.

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This is our first time Rick Ross is weighing in into Cardi b's social post. The same vidoe has also nab vocal from Offset and Quavo and both are supporting her even if she messed up.

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