Nicki Minaj Warn Fake Fans About Fake News

Nicki Minaj Warn Fake Fans About Fake  News

Since all this while Nick Minaj has been engaging on tour drama. Many has tried to pull her off from stage yet standing stronger despite the salty they inflected on her last show which also pop up Card b. However, if you are negatively catch some smoke about Nicki Minaj show In Bangkok, may be is simply a scam. There has been this swirling following the young money rappers and the Chun Li rapper has verbally spit out.

After some foes rumour out that she cancelled she show again, the rapper then made way online and headbutt the fake new by saying.

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 “Total fake news there is and never was any show planned for that city, and we will be looking at all legal options to deal with this,” her rep said. “We will be warning fans to be on the lookout for these scam promoters they do it all the time, and artists get blamed for it.” “The Nicki WRLD Tour” is currently on hit meanwhile the tour is recently not on hold for any reason.

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