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Nicki Minaj Sued For Unpaid Work To Stylist

Nicki Minaj Sued For Unpaid Work To Stylist
Nicki Minaj sued for misdemeanor towards fellow gender know as Cristina Acevedo. Acevedo is professional stylist at least has attracted attention from Queen Radio woman. Looks like Cristina is a visionary in stylist, so Nicki wants some help out on her outfit while she tour the state. All week long, Nicki Minaj on her heel of tour has gotten a better outfit straight out from this woman in question.

Report gets to Amahiphop following the past two consecutive years attention offer to the Chun Li woman where she never exercise her bounty to Cristina for her stylist smart work. Cris. is feeling extremely awful after working tirelessly for 10hrs in styling Minaj. She was hired at the rate of $1,500 per day yet she regretted working with the young money rapper as she didn't pay her bills.

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Nicki Minaj even sent email that reads “No one is paying you $36K. Send an email with some sense or don’t send any others. This isn’t your get rich quick scheme,” with a “girl, goodbye” Cris said. What do think

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