Kodak Black Talk About 2pac, Biggie and Why He’s Better

Kodak Black Talk About 2pac, Biggie and Why He's Better

Kodack Black is taking all the accolades and and after battling with Lil Wayne on social media he then made latest appearance talking 2pac and Biggie. Many of the rappers has always claim the king of Hip-Hop even birdman gave himself that title. Kodak Black just unleash his instinct again Hip-Hop legends 2pac and Biggie.

The dead legends are now his new bait
After he bounce on young Ma and more. The rapper claims the best beyond the living and dead Hip-Hop rapper. On his recent wack talk,”I’m the hardest rapper in the game, I promise. Like, when you talk ’bout me, you should put me in a category of like ‘Pac, B.I.G, Nas, dem niggas, you feel me? Like really listen to my shit. I don’t care about how I act, like, on the ‘Gram,” Kodak said on the Gram earlier this week.

Kodak double down on that a new IG Live session, this time claiming he was better than 2Pac and Biggie.

“People try to say I can’t put myself in a category with 2Pac and them, actually I’m better than them. You know why? ‘Cause I live what I rap about. Them…[they] just legends ’cause they died. I really live what I rap about.”

 Since we can’t bring Pac and Big back, the only real way to test Kodak’s hypothesis is for him to die.

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