Kanye West To Preform His Sunday Service at Coachella 2019 On Easter Sunday

Kanye West performance Coachella
Ye is coming to headline with other Coachella artist. We just get the notice that Kanye will not be missing after It was rumoured earlier this year that  Kanye West didn't made the list of Coachella 2019. We can't report the exact fact why Kim husband wasn't able to come along. However it looks like, seem things has been sorted out such that  Kanye has caught the wind of Coachella and there's a new resolution that he is joining crew.

On his Sunday service, Ye made advocate following the Off and On Coachella. He took aim and clear the controversial swirling that he will be stage with his crew at Coachella on Easter Sunday (April 21) to perform the ritual. Is no longer a rumour after Amahiphop confirmed it via Twitter post published by his wife Kim. You can watch the video on our Instagram account.
Kanye is certainly among those artists to headline during the upcoming Coachella and no doubt about it.

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