Drake and Future “What A Time To Be Alive 2” On Roadway

Drake Future What A Time To Be Alive 2
Well, most of instinct out there might have slammed the previous version of "What A Time To Be Alive", which was debuted past five consecutive years. Probably that should be 2015. Their joint work wasn't pundit to strike positively though new version is done but on the way coming. OVO rapper and the Freebandz MC new project is coming on a different way and no old or odd songs couple but expect creative juice songs in the new WATTBA2.

Our source disclosed that Drake is on the verge of letting the project out and it upped online as no releasing date told yet. The peer in hip-hop tight-lipped releasing date, leaving the fact that the project as something commencing sometimes this year. Amahiphop learned that Drake is the one contradicting the debuting date and purportedly, the joint project is coming after his “The Assassination Vacation Tour.” Let just hope so.

Future released his new Wizard album this year while Drake is considering dropping something like that same this year ?

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