50 Cent Gets Called Out For Faking Kanye West

50 Cent Gets Called Out For Faking Kanye West

50 Cent has been on that salty with Kanye West probably this not the first time he is taking aim on Ye. The troll master has found new awful fondness to slam Kanye west after battling with some few artist. The G-Unite rapper was reported following his fake and swirling news he split out on Kanye. Fidy took his IG account and cause another commotion under Kim husband.

50 Cent recently got called out on Instagram for helping to spread a piece of fake news about Kanye West that has been making the rounds online for the past few months. The rumors are about Ye scoring 106 points in a charity basketball game against a wheelchair basketball team. The G-Unit chief even shared an image of the story on his Instagram page.

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“This Boy is really handicap had a Kobe Bryant moment at a wheelchair basketball game,” 50 Cent wrote. Of course, no such basketball game never happened, so it’s a hundred percent fake news. He deleted the post after fans started calling him out over it.

“You’re so dumb if you believe this sh*t c’mon Fif I love your Instagram because your fun but this went a bit too far, spreading fake news on that man despite he being an idiot (in my Obama voice) this is still wrong bro,”

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