Photos: Tyga Bust Out Fight On Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Party


Tyga who still aim a melee on Birdman over $10 has first engaged on
assault, a physical brawl that sees the rapper held on neck

The illegal battle between him and a man took place during Floyd
Mayweather’s birthday party on Saturday moon. Tyga who was in a separate
indoor called Sunset Room in Hollywood where he was celebrating the
boxer’s birthday before unknown man bounced on him.As things escalate,
T-RAW was quickly dragged out by Mayweather surrounded security.

tyga being dragged out of party

People who attended the party thought the live altercation was off
after Tyga was dismissed from indoor partying.The ex boy of Kylie Jenner
(Tyga) on his motion grabbed one of the security gun to pull a trigger
but failed.

tyga held guard gun on party

His guard didn’t allow him to take advantage of the
firearm. The FLOSS IN THE BANK rapper and his group then ended their current
presence on the party by leaving. Amahiphop still hope to hop in on what
might be the cause of the unborn fight.

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