The Game Strike Back On Joe Budden After Long Beefing

the game and Joe Budden beef

The beef has aged yet it keep steaming along the year. Although we are yet to hear from pear west coast rapper now The Game has hit back on Joe Budden after their beef history. They have respective diss single aimed on each other specially as Game is building his new project.

You remember his last snippets where he verbally slam Kanye West the Snip. is titled What I Said I Said now he has strike back Joe Budden after Joe warned him to back off from his girlfriend and stop mentioning her name.

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You still when Game said he once haves sex with Kim and even mentioned Kylie Jenner, and Cyn Santana. All this was mentioned on a leaked song from Born To Rap project. According to Joe Budden, “Watch your f****g mouth man,” but he never mentioned that specific but The Game grab and respond.

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“[Joe Budden] You can’t sue nobody for discovering the pussy before you #christophercolombusheadassn***a, #indianswasthere1st,” he wrote on his Instagram Story before adding, “I turned you into an on-air personality ni**a Enjoy retirement, pu**y! (Quavo voice).” Game said.

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