Tekashi69 confeses To Feds That He Paid $30K To Shot At Chief Keef In New York

Tekashi69 confeses To Feds That He Paid $30K To Shot At Chief Keef In New York

Tekashi69 has disclosed more information about the Chief Keef shooting In New York. The Rapper who we know popularly as 69 said that he paid some guys to shot his fellow Nine Trey about $30K .This story is just part of what has started already last year. 69 and Chief Keef once involved on altercation which has caused a serious feud and foes in between the pair.

It all started last year of course TMZ has already displayed video about the rappers both though it surfaced last year November where Tekashi
6ix9ine bragged to his crew about
taking out a $30,000 hit on Keef’s
cousin Tadoe , right after he finished
speaking to him on Face Time.

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It wasn’t surprise to most of us but the key point that will get the rapper more years in prison this outstanding self claimed felony. Tekashi 6ix9ine has admit he paid gangs to shot Chief Keef just to scared him and also how him power in their gang group and to increase his own standings in Nine Trey Bloods, the rapper officially told the feds.

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6ix9ine is landing in prison because the rapper has been pleaded guilty in multifarious ways which he indeed admitted. Racketeering, conspiracy,
firearms, and drug dealings has always got him victimize and this time might not be set free like righteous man. more news are coming stay tuned we us about.

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