Teairra Mari Roasting 50 Cent With snitching 6ix9ine Over 30K Beef

Teairra Mari Roasting 50 Cent With snitching 6ix9ine Over 30K Beef

If 6ix9ine is one of your social media driver then it isn’t that rare for you to know that his peer in hip-hop has installed his new name as 6ixsnitching which they keep praticing on a single beef. While 69 and 50 Cent once turned up a hit, and the pair landmark artists has been examin as intimate friends when it comes to hip-hop. Meanwhile 50 Cent is negativly getting overshadow on a new trending social media post by his R&B Teairra Mari.

If you are missing the earlier message from 50 Cent to his fellow legal battle, then you ought to have read it above because Teairra Mari clap back was a tatal Instagram assaut penned to 69 and his father in hip-hop. Both parties where engaged on court suit though 50 indeed defeated her in court and the glamorous figure mari, was issued to pay Cent with sum amount of 30k. Not only did Fifty won his lawsuit against her, but also her ex-boyfriend Shakbar had her lawsuit thrown out.

Mari getting it hot from Fifty probably she wants to fire some shot by roasting the rapper with her new post that has 6ix9ine update.

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“Now I understand why you son’d #6ix9nine you instilled the Daddy habit, Curtisssss @monascottyoung I
need an advance @50cent Looking 4
Update on Instagram.

No reply by thr troll master of course we once heard Cent telling her to pay him the 30k as instructed by the court.

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