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R.Kelly New Released Sex tape Appears More Clear To Use Against Him

R.Kelly Sex tape
R.Kelly is been caged with hurting allegation that gives him no other choice but to cooperate cough out his felony. After attorney Mich shared a Forbidden video and photos, showing R.Kelly on a reckless sex abuse to four females, here you will also get your eyes closer as new released tape from Mich surfaced more clear than other once.

Michael Avenatti has promised his client whose name is Stormi Daniels to be the smartest lawyer. Meanwhile Mich. has already inflect aching of the body on R.Kelly. We ought to recall that sex tape video which he handed over to police, court and also present it to CBS. The video just installed a serious bugs which is causing havoc on Kelly music career.

Kelly plight is still developing and has spark another report on the same issue on ground. TMZ told Amahiphop that Mich. has obtained another video which is beyond depicting yet proving some fact about Kelly and the victimized 14-year-old. Watch


The 55-minute VHS is table to be the same girl who was shared graphically by CBS News. Sources told TMZ that in the video, Kelly can allegedly be seen coaching the girl through sex, while he chokes her and performs sexual acts.

In addition to this second video, Avenatti is looking to secure a third video that allegedly features a girl between the ages of 13 and 16. The video is currently in the hands of someone else and the lawyer is trying to obtain it so he can hand it over to police.

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