Offset Thinks 90’s Rapper Should Kiss Misgos Feet ?


The word older is not just a word rather it’s an action which can be exercise and subject respectively. Offset Father Of 4 album is feeding the rapper with hypes, acclaims to Migos and just like most of us contradict the new and old hip-hop that’s exactly what Peter Rosenberg set Offset just did as he stopped at Hot 97.

Offset verbally upped his opinion on old rappers who are rooting to banish Migos from the culture. In fact his advocate shows excess criticize pointing out from legendary hip-hop  mogul. If you have listened to Eminem kamikaze album, may be that’s a clue of what set is lamenting on.

During his minutes on Hot 97, the rapper suggest older legends should thank migos for restructuring the culture probably Snoop Dog and more should kiss their feet ?

 “I always say it, if you’re an older artist, you should be thanking us, kissing our feet,” Offset agreed. “Not just the Migos. How we turned the culture of music. Number one, Hip Hop? In life, Hip Hop has never been the number one genre, ever. So what were you doing that is better? Right now when you go to Spotify (etc.) you’re not seeing the other genres. People listen to Hip Hop more than any other time. So you should be saluting us.”

 What do you think ?

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